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As a 40-year law enforcement deputy, Forensic Investigator, Speaker for numerous agencies, Expert witness in criminal/civil court, and a Certified Infant Death Specialist. My background has always been serving government agencies as starting off in the United States Coast Guard.
For the past 38 years, I have learned many ways to utilize the world wide net. Several cases were used to help closeout.  

Do you know why it is hard time to find employment in forensics? It is due to no one really resigns, retires, or gets bored. 

This website has several goals,
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America's Most Wanted

Fun Stories


To answer your great question, I’ll stick with the discovery of human skull in a small fishing Community. It is very common after a weak or strong hurricane. A Detective and a Crime Scene Technician both arrived at the same time, and our work now begins.

The scene was “corrupted” due to the skull was handled and moved to the police department. I am not skilled enough to call it a recent or old skull, however I know how reach the experts at the F.A.C.E.S. LAB at LSU. With always different techniques and instead of days waiting as the hurricane had numerous road closures. We web cam each other and I zoomed in all sides up and down with my tape measure. She confirmed my thoughts and stated at least 150 years old.

Many Indian reservation back in the- day had burials all over. No trauma found and the disturbed tomb was found out before we departed.

On the way back to the Forensic Center, I received a call of an infant discovered on a ship that was drydocked. I got dressed in my PPE suit upon my arrival. I boarded the dark ship, and I was laughing with tears were pouring out. The EMT was close by, and I asked someone to tell him I needed him back. He came to the ship and I carefully picked up the lifeless body and asked him how many infants have the big ears and a bushy tail. The last I heard the EMT is a crab fisherman The Detective suggested to get something to eat, and we pulled into a local diner that was staffed by the jail cooks just for law enforcement.

Anyone guess what was lunch?

The skull is NOT part of the case!!

The rabbit was named “Thumper”